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Laito x Reader

Laito x Reader

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RougeReaper By RRreaper Completed

You are sent by the church to be a new sacrificial bride after Yui became a vampire and Ayato's wife. As much as you love your faith you were happy to leave your current residence there. They had corruption at the part of the church you were staying and even though you lost faith in them, you didn't loose faith in God. He had a plan for you and you were going to fulfill whatever it was. 

The Sakamaki household definitely surprised you, but you knew with these broken men (or should I say vampires) maybe your purpose was to save one of them from despair and loosing the last bit of humanity you know they have in them. If there is one other thing you have faith in other than God, it is the ability to find redemption.
So obviously since it's Laito WARNING! Sexual content will probably be in this. 
Also I just wanted to say there probably won't be that many chapters. It's funny, Laito is actually one of my least favorites but I came up with this idea for him that I thought was good and might make me or others like him better (Sorry if it's a little OOC). If a story has potential it should be written even if you sort of dislike the character!

The real part  is (You question the events that led you here)
                              My part is (You question your life )
So hard reading this cuz whenever Laito says "Bitch-chan" I legit die
- - May 07
omg lol she just smiles. i feel like if laito did that to me i would stare at him and say ' ur a real pain in the neck.. LITERALLY!' and THENN, laugh before fainting lol XDD
__thief_of_blood__ __thief_of_blood__ Aug 12, 2016
*fangirls and squeals* Omg this is the best Laito x reader I've ever read!!!
- - Sep 09, 2016
A wild Kanato appears what do you do?!
                              Scare him off with sounds 
                              Run at full speed the other way
                              Kawaii_Yanderes use Scare him off with sounds it was very effective 
                              The Wild Kanato fainted 
                              A wild Laito appears?
NightStarCrest NightStarCrest Nov 22, 2015
He may look like he doesn't want to kill Reader-chan, but he may look like he wants to r*pe her...XD