Playground [h.s]

Playground [h.s]

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She's new to town, he has lived in the same town for years.
She's innocent, he's tainted.
She's a teenager, he's a ghost.
He haunts the playground looking for his  key.

Cover by : soundthealarm 
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* Prologue - Chapter 15 are edited.*
** Sequel : Boathouse **
*** This is a SHORT STORY thus the story may seem a bit rushed. ***

if I knew harry was visiting parks at night, I would be waiting in the slide haha
Is it sad that i see the young Leo that played Jack on Titanic when he was in the pub playing poker?
the bolt then broke and bruised my face but whatever, I'm aight
neill was too busy golfing and attending charity things to make an appearance, I see. tosser -.-
Τι έξαλλο μωροοο 😂😂😂😍😍😍😍🍌🍌
halohouis halohouis Oct 19
And i remember everything from when we were thr children playing on this fairground