The Unwanted Mate (bxb)

The Unwanted Mate (bxb)

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Pandaman By UnitedPandas Updated Dec 20, 2016

Blake Lander is the soon to be alpha of his pack, The Armageddon Pack. On his 18th birthday he hopes that his girlfriend of 1 year will be his mate, his luna, but what he finds purely disgusts him.

Christopher Charel is a omega in his pack. He's 16 and he does as he's told without question. He is constantly bullied by his so called pack and alpha for being gay. One night he is forced to attend the future alphas birthday by his best friend Kelsey. When he arrives he immediately notices something strange in the air, and it puts his wolf on edge. Little did he know this night would change his life forever.

I'll be editing a few old chapters so they'll be better so watch out for that because I might change a few things. ✌️

  • alpha
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  • drama
  • mates
  • omega
  • regret
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MeNotBugged MeNotBugged Jul 16, 2017
OMG YESSSSSS IM TALLER DAN HIM! Wait....... I can't remember if i was a 5-6 or a 4-6.......
meetingyouval meetingyouval Jul 24, 2017
pls have the cheater taste a sore pill like he always make chris drink pls and make him suffer cry beg cry beg and do something that worth chris
finally a pack which isn't named blue moon red moon or full moon..
BlackWolf236 BlackWolf236 Mar 15, 2017
Don't worry kiddo, you're only and inch shorter than me 🙂
SamoyaJohnson SamoyaJohnson Jul 18, 2017
Sigh.... I'm 5'2 .you know what pisses me off,  when taller ppl stoop down at my height and ask me how does it feel down here😑.....