The Unwanted Mate (bxb)

The Unwanted Mate (bxb)

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Pandaman By UnitedPandas Updated Dec 20, 2016

Blake Lander is the soon to be alpha of his pack, The Armageddon Pack. On his 18th birthday he hopes that his girlfriend of 1 year will be his mate, his luna, but what he finds purely disgusts him.

Christopher Charel is a omega in his pack. He's 16 and he does as he's told without question. He is constantly bullied by his so called pack and alpha for being gay. One night he is forced to attend the future alphas birthday by his best friend Kelsey. When he arrives he immediately notices something strange in the air, and it puts his wolf on edge. Little did he know this night would change his life forever.

I'll be editing a few old chapters so they'll be better so watch out for that because I might change a few things. ✌️

Alpha_Solus Alpha_Solus Nov 27, 2016
😑😑😑ok..imma go there and prepare my fist. (You know that cliche stuff happens in an alpha and omega being mate)..yeah😏😏
XxnekocookiesxX XxnekocookiesxX Dec 15, 2016
I already hate the future alpha aka future butthead already and I just read it
                              I give props to the author...👍👍👍 can't wait to finish reading it all
Master_eve Master_eve Feb 20, 2016
TsasukaTsogzolmaa TsasukaTsogzolmaa Feb 29, 2016
Somehow I know this story will hurt my feeling but  whatever
flourel flourel Dec 25, 2016
I hate when people describe a character and then move on it annoys the shut out of me.
Just gonna wait for character development to come and sweep me off of my feet ~