Angry Bird

Angry Bird

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Akansha Agarwal By AkanshaAgarwal9 Updated Sep 01, 2016

"u know Randhir I told u everything. But one thing I didnot tell u. In between all the bad things that happend in my life I still managed to get something beautiful. That is you. The Beautiful Never Ending Chapter Of my life."  she ran her hand down his face, from his forehead to his nose to his lips and finally to his chin. 

She rested her hand their for a while. 

"after suffering so much if I get u then I m ready to take all the pain. " she smiled at him. 

He said nothing but just embraced her and chipped an I love u to her making her smile widely. 

Sanyukta was never happy in her life. She suffered alot.  25 years of her life were like nightmare. But when an angel named Randhir stepped in her life everything changed.

Aarron79 Aarron79 Apr 04
Everyone tell us to control the anger, but did anybody taught how to control. I found the practical tips for anger
VaidehiHadkar VaidehiHadkar May 12, 2016
I am gonna start reading it 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
DinmaniPatil DinmaniPatil Jun 28, 2016
It's so true and I also have gone through the same phase of life where I dint like studying or can say I hated books to the core and then the angel of my life changed everything in my life and I call her my "MELEK"