Piece by Piece (Newt x Reader)

Piece by Piece (Newt x Reader)

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The pieces slowly begin to fall in place; one by one, they fit perfectly in the puzzle you like to call life. In that moment, everything becomes clear. After all they've put you through, wiping your memories, taking away the love of your life and ripping you of any chance of having a happy life, you have one goal. That goal is to destroy WICKED. Starting a new life, with vague memories of your old one, in the Glade doesn't make any of it easier.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Maze Runner characters, they belong to James Dashner.

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If you consider a pale and very skinny girl hot then i dunno if u are sane
I cringed at the 'love'. I dunno if im still a human for hating callsigns
Good you include that for first time x reader readers. I remember being SO CONFUSED the first time i read an x reader and should remember all those things.
My heart is racing so fasttt. But i guess if i was really there i would probably yell or kick newt😂
kraveo kraveo Jun 11
K but in the cover pic why does t look like Dylan peed himself
*sassy hair flip as gold glitter is flung everywhere* ofc I am!