The "Nerd" And The StreetRacer!

The "Nerd" And The StreetRacer!

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Tanna Irwin By tannairwin Completed

Sienna Dawn is known as the school "nerd" she's got the perfect grades and a seemingly perfect life but what is she hiding behind her oversized glasses, that she doesn't need?

And what happens when one of the schools 3 bad boys Jacob finds out her secret, will he tell everyone, or will he keep his promise?

 Highest Rank: #89 in Teen Fiction

Cover by @roehny all credits go to her!

i just got to say marc is 3 years older than me in this story im november 1 1999
I love Lucy hale but nobody uses her 😭☺️😜😙💪🏻👏😉💋💩
Really Lucy Hail. From pretty little liars.  Love that show btw
4Everness 4Everness Aug 26
Hah, Lucy Hale plays Sienne, and Jacob's friend is named Kaleb. Pretty Little Liars anyone?