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C.C. By CeCeLib Completed


With his amethyst eyes, to die for smile and gorgeous body, Lash Coleman is a very handsome male specimen. Girls fall at his feet but he never catches any of them. His eyes are trained to only one woman.

Nez Fernandez, his step-sister.

He is not supposed to like her as a woman. He is not supposed to lust over her. And he's not supposed to fall in love with her, but he did. 

Simula't-sapol, alam niyang mali ang nararamdaman niya. His feeling for Nez is forbidden. He tried to stop what he's feeling. He tried so hard to forget his step-sister and it worked when she left to live in abroad. Nakalimutan niya ito at nagpatuloy ang buhay niya na wala ang dalaga. 

His life was okay, he felt contented even. But his step-sister is destined to ruin his cool façade and happy life.

For ten years, Nez stayed in the US, but now, she's back. 

She haunts his dreams and waking hour. What would a man do with pent-up feelings? Titikisin ba niya ang sariling nararamdaman o aangkinin niya ang dalaga kahit alam niyang bawal?

yhunjin16 yhunjin16 Apr 08
Kaya pla atat na atat si lash na ipahanap kay shun si nez..Hahaha
seizediem seizediem May 16
what thw hell : ( im the same age as nez what am i doing with my life : (
i really love cc's stories . Lahat ng nasave ko sa library lahat sakanya hahaha
VeiNLuv VeiNLuv Apr 05
Sabi nga sa patalastas ng Chicharon ni Mang Juan ,  masarap ang bawal 😂😂😂 #rephrasemeifimwrong
I was about to write INCEST. Then I rememeber it's Step not half. Hahahaha
Mystique_Meddling Mystique_Meddling 6 days ago
She's My Black Pearl~~~🎵 🎤🎤🎶🎶🎼EXO-L😍😍❤️❤️