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BTS Imagines

BTS Imagines

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mir By KlMTAEHYVNG Updated Jun 13, 2016


Welcome to the Bangtan World,
where you'll be BTS' future girls.

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( 2nd book ) >> unedited <<

krixela18 krixela18 Jul 03, 2016
Author-nim, I'm willing to wait for my turn so no worries if u have many requests now
                              Member: V
                              Type: Fluffy
                              If possible, tag me in the chapter so that I'd know u write it. Thanks !
Bnjnation Bnjnation Jun 12, 2016
I don't know if you are still taking requests but if you are can I have 
                              Member: Jungkook
                              Type: Fluffy
ACupOfTaeWithAKookie ACupOfTaeWithAKookie Jul 21, 2016
I don't know if you are doing these anymore but could you do
                              Member: Suga
                              Type: Super Frickin Fluffy
                              I like fluffs a lot btw
cocoloko187ana cocoloko187ana Jun 25, 2016
Hello,its my first time to send a request but can you please do me a Chimchim- i mean
IrajZaheer IrajZaheer Jul 25, 2016
you should do more if u are about to do more plz doo an imagine on V loving friendly and happy
Hana1412 Hana1412 Dec 30, 2015
Member: V
                              I hope you can do it for me....Thank you~❤