The Girl He Left Behind [#Wattys2015] [Complete]

The Girl He Left Behind [#Wattys2015] [Complete]

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He was a jerk for leaving her behind

For ending their relationship 

For a girl who did not love him

He regrets his decision

Comes running back to her

But she does not let him back 

Thus he is left alone 

Until that very day

 That they meet again

Faith brings them together 

But will she accept 


  • accidents
  • brokenhearts
  • faith
  • suspense
  • wattys2015
Yi_ster Yi_ster Oct 19, 2017
What an actual dîck. If someone àsshole git said that to me I would slap him so hard that he can’t taste anymore
AubernRoses AubernRoses Dec 24, 2017
You just told her that you think someone else is prettier and she should be more stylish. Oh! And that you don’t like how she’s blind. OH ANDDD you kissed someone else??
PhuckYou23 PhuckYou23 Apr 25, 2017
Don't tell someone what you wished for them to be. Don't date them if they fit into your "standards"
ChRiStY5021 ChRiStY5021 Sep 09, 2017
I know what happened to your happily ever after, Jason. You loved it, you kissed it. then you took it put it on the ground and stomped on it. Simple. Why do some guys have to be so simple minded?
gypsiroze gypsiroze Sep 01, 2017
So why is it soinding more like she left him behind he cheats she dumps him in cool with that now he's crying and dropping her stuff then cries again when he sees she's with Max😶
Yi_ster Yi_ster Oct 19, 2017
Then do it, it’s better to break her heart now then toy with her emotions. You little cûnt