Fate/ Dazed Memory  (Gilgamesh x male!reader x ???) {Continuing}

Fate/ Dazed Memory (Gilgamesh x male!reader x ???) {Continuing}

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xxdark_kamuixx By xxdark_kamuixx Updated Sep 01, 2017

After almost 20 years, The Holy Grail resurfaces leading to the events of the Sixth Holy Grail War.  Having been secretly trained for this event since birth, you are chosen along with your servant to compete in the ritual for the Omnipotent Wish Granting Device. At first you doubt the compatibility between you and your new acquaintance however, as time progresses, new situations unfold leading to the birth of your love for your arrogant yet powerful servant , Gilgamesh.  Will this love triumph over all or will fate destroy it along with the many other casualties of the bloody war.

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SexySugaKookie SexySugaKookie Apr 29, 2017
Wow, your writing is so good like even though you just put up a new chapter I'm already pumped for the next time you update! So please update soon~(but not like to soon you stress yourself out, so more like when you feel ready to update)
JaneHoarax JaneHoarax Apr 20, 2017
My god!! I had already read all the chapters available for this story and I thought it was great!! I already love it! This chapter was awesome!! Can't wait to see what will happen next! Keep up the awesome work author!! I'll be here to support you!! 😄
- - Apr 29, 2017
The conversation though xD
                              Keep it up,Author!
                              I'll support you
JaneHoarax JaneHoarax Apr 29, 2017
My god! The conversations between the reader and Gilgamesh were hilarious!!😂 A chapter as great as the previous one! Keep it author! Love you and your story ❤
GreyTips GreyTips Apr 24, 2017
Well good work there my friend xD I loved the older version but now I'm hyped :) And your writing is better now too. In other words I can't wait for your next update and how it all turns out. So keep doing your best and as always you have my support xDD