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Stephanie By XBeautyBrainsX Completed


He had a beautiful Italian accent that sang into my ears every word he said. 

I stood up correctly and looked at him as he continued to stare ahead. 
He was so... perfect. Breathtaking really. 

He had dark hair with luxury eyes that blew me away. 

He turned his head and looked into my eyes. 

I wanted to look away but I also wanted to continue staring, mesmerized.

(This story is so short, you could probably finish it in an hour :p )

WARNING: This story contains violence and mature scenes. Read at your own risk. 
Mercy. Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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Not trying to criticize but when you are changing a film make sure you chang it with the beat of the song just a heads up for your next hand made trailer!!
wibcujoy05 wibcujoy05 Jan 01
I love that guy that played Thor  the book trailer I love it!!!!
ThugBear6 ThugBear6 Jul 02, 2017
*pulls sunglasses down nose, chin down, winks with both eyes awkwardly and pulls sunglasses back up*
smilie12 smilie12 Oct 04, 2016
Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth... omg I am already loving this book... ;)
bluerosicle bluerosicle Sep 06, 2016
trailer is awesome, partially bcoz you have Don't Let Me Down as background music
RachelOutcast RachelOutcast Jan 05, 2017
It's a really good trailer but you chose a song that didn't really fit with it and the clips were a bit out of sync but it really was amazing. Sorry for the criticism I really want to go into film when I'm older and I've been doing things like this for so long so it just comes to me. : )