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Stephanie By XBeautyBrainsX Completed


He had a beautiful Italian accent that sang into my ears every word he said. 

I stood up correctly and looked at him as he continued to stare ahead. 
He was so... perfect. Breathtaking really. 

He had dark hair with luxury eyes that blew me away. 

He turned his head and looked into my eyes. 

I wanted to look away but I also wanted to continue staring, mesmerized.

WARNING: This story contains violence and mature scenes. Enter at your own risk. 
Mercy. Copyright © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Angeliki4 Angeliki4 Nov 17
Ok but you gotta appreciate The irony though I'm listening to Mercy
smilie12 smilie12 Oct 04
Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth... omg I am already loving this book... ;)
bluerosicle bluerosicle Sep 06
trailer is awesome, partially bcoz you have Don't Let Me Down as background music