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Kristen is an average senior student. She has a group of girl-friends, a crush and a mostly-functional family. But a sudden death leaves her exposed and alone. Battling her raging, extreme anxiety, she finds it hard to relax and concentrate. Especially since bad-boy Kyle won't stop obsessing over her. Will she ignore his weak attempts or give in to what she's been craving? Will she reveal the secret her 'friend' has been hiding from her? Will she ever get over the accident?

If you're looking for a story that'll make your life seem normal, you've come to the right place.


Tierney_12 Tierney_12 Jul 16
I have hazel brown eyes. But when im in a wierd lighting they look like dark cocolate brown
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Same but mine are such a dark brown they look black, it also doesn't help I have red hair too lol
alkh15 alkh15 Apr 01
My eyes are light brown but other people set they look yellow😂
The air becomes thick and I can't breathe. Small strangled gasps escape me and.the world spins. I'm suddenly aware of how fast my heart is beating
H_Rhiannon H_Rhiannon Nov 01, 2016
Brown is awesome. I have blue eyes and I would love to have brown eyes.
rickybananas rickybananas Oct 14, 2015
Hey nin, just finished reading the first chapter and it's so good. Should've started earlier