Baby Proposal

Baby Proposal

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emily By thefairytails Updated Sep 11, 2015

Karla hoped this is all a dream. She wish to woke up and find that nothing happened and everything is alright. But the reality choose to be cruel to her. She's pregnant. And the only thing that crossed her mind is to find Christian, the father of the baby.

Karla never expected Chris to marry her, no. The only thing she wanted from Chris is for him to help her through her pregnancy period until the baby is born. After that, she would let Chris to have the baby all by himself and never see them anymore - just as simple as that.

But being with Chris makes her to see the other side of him. He makes her feel special, cared and loved. And one thing she never expected to happen is to fall in love with the guy. Would this be just another happy ending? or would it be a heart broken one?

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