Ultraviolet (On Hold)

Ultraviolet (On Hold)

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lindsay By uniqueone95 Updated Mar 02, 2011

--My name is Violet Fairchild. I live in the future, but the thing is our future isn't so bright--

Violet Fairchild grew up in the future, post world war three, in a country now known as Pali. She and the rest of her people are nothing better than slaves.  But to survive, the people are starting to change...

Dmitri grew up on the other side of the spectrum, a prince of the dominating family. But he doesn't like it most of the time what with his two dead parents, demanding uncle, and evil cousins. He's about to make a decision that may start to change things in the extreme.

  • animals
  • arena
  • assignments
  • bandages
  • beach
  • betrayal
  • blood
  • chains
  • clearing
  • confusion
  • council
  • death
  • discovery
  • dmitri
  • dock
  • dream
  • elora
  • evila
  • fight
  • fire
  • future
  • gabi
  • gathering
  • girl
  • glow
  • grandma
  • grandpa
  • healer
  • healing
  • ivan
  • kiss
  • kyle
  • laurel
  • lightning
  • little
  • lullaby
  • magic
  • mom
  • mother
  • nature
  • pain
  • pali
  • plasma
  • poverty
  • puppy
  • putin
  • quarries
  • rage
  • rain
  • ring
  • school
  • scream
  • shadow
  • snow
  • snowleopard
  • speed
  • storm
  • tears
  • town
  • train
  • training
  • trisha
  • ultraviolet
  • uncle
  • vanessa
  • vasilisa
  • vicky
  • violet
  • voilet
  • whipping
uniqueone95 uniqueone95 Feb 03, 2011
K if you people are reading this I was just wondering if anyone knew any good celebrities that could be Kyle! Cause I never really remember names i'll be watching a movie and just be 'oh he's cute' so any suggestions will be welcome!
uniqueone95 uniqueone95 Feb 03, 2011
@rockmysocks thanks! I wanted to make sure that I got the descriptions just right cause I wanted it to seem like you were right there and witnessing it all!
                              :P linz
uniqueone95 uniqueone95 Feb 01, 2011
@chanson thanks for the vote! and the comment glad to know you liked it!!
chanson chanson Jan 31, 2011
Wow. What a great start! And it got me completely hooked! :) Very unique and intriguing! A vote from me! 
uniqueone95 uniqueone95 Jan 29, 2011
@learntolove thanks for the comment and the thing is I was just setting the stage for the type of world Violet lives in. It is post apocalyptic after all ;)
uniqueone95 uniqueone95 Jan 29, 2011
@learntolove thanks for voting and twice as much for commenting! I love the feedback! :D