A Change In The Past | A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

A Change In The Past | A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

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tikachi ❀ By tikachi Updated Sep 09, 2016

❝ How can I stay with you if I don't even remember you? ❞ 
                                  ❝My home is where my heart is, and right now... my home is nowhere. ❞

Juno thought that her plan was invincible. Percy would go to Camp Jupiter and Jason would go to Camp Half Blood. But what if an ancient force, once forgotten, decided to change all that?

It all starts when Lupa sends Percy south, towards Camp Jupiter. But as the days go by, monsters find the young son of Poseidon and he's forced to go on the run- in the completely opposite direction.  Soon, Percy finds himself thrusted into a world that he doesn't know, a world where everyone knows him- even more than he knows himself. 

Annabeth is ecstatic when she first sees Percy unconscious on the camp border... That is, until she realizes that he has amnesia and can't even remember her name. The two try to work together, but with everything that's happening around them, they can't even think straight. Finally, the couple of the century, plus the seven and maybe a few more demigods embark on a quest to catch whoever messed up Hera's exchange program and changed the balance of the two worlds. Will they succeed?

Action, adventure, torture, laughter and basically everything you would expect a Percy Jackson fanfic to have is in this book. So don't stop now and click that button that says:

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Cover design by @tikachi
Cover art by viria

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qzwzezrztzyzuzizozp qzwzezrztzyzuzizozp Mar 15, 2017
I'm super excited to read this description got me really excited
TheCardiniTrannifer TheCardiniTrannifer Nov 25, 2016
You do have something on your face, you have skin, here let me take it off for you
ForestFaerie ForestFaerie Jan 26, 2017
I'm excited to be starting this book! It'll be fun to see how it goes- from the description, it looks to be good.
ForestFaerie ForestFaerie Jan 26, 2017
Lol considering the number of reads/votes/comments on this chapter, I don't think you have much to worry about ;-)
Goddess_of_sassiness Goddess_of_sassiness Jan 17, 2017
Yeah I would be afraid and worried if he had said anything else
LightOverTheDark LightOverTheDark Aug 10, 2016
I mean since they are talking wolves I would probably think that's probably right.