[DISCONTINUED]「andley」 You Can't...

[DISCONTINUED]「andley」 You Can't...

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Don't Read This, It'll Most Like Fuck Up Your Head, I Am Sorry, But You Have Been Warned.

When Andy switches to a public school; he starts to notice some weird surroundings. But when he almost gets severely injured during a fight, who's the one to save him? What will he do when the person who saved him kill his attacker? And does he suddenly become fond of a certain demon? And what will Matt have to say about it?

Need To Know:
Trigger Warning 
Male Pregnancy 
Fowl Language 

So Please Read At Your Own Risk!

(Why are you still here? I thought you wanted your brain to not be filled with angst!)

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SpaceySatan SpaceySatan May 18, 2016
You would get numb to the repetitive pain which would cause it to hurt less the hurt more.
SpaceySatan SpaceySatan May 18, 2016
Shït as in oh shït, poop, he stole my shït, crap in a toilet, or oh shït you just realized I'm gonna annoy you with a bunch of comments?
BlueMoonBooks BlueMoonBooks Oct 05, 2015
Its kinda cliche but kinda original i mean i love it but the cliche part is the whole "My perents died and this person took me in"im not saying thats a bad thing just a little cliche
NooneButAlix NooneButAlix Oct 04, 2015
Dome.....lol....I noticed dome blood on my shirt..............anyways......love
                              It update soon lil twin sister....