My Blind Alpha Mate(OnHold)

My Blind Alpha Mate(OnHold)

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♊ By RawYal Updated Apr 04, 2016

"I'm not what you expected...I'm better than what you expected."
Eden has been a rogue for the past six years along with her little brother Evan. Living in the shadows and staying under the radar, the two stayed out of trouble and sight. 

But when Eden gets too sloppy with her hunting she stumbles into The Yellow Moon Rock pack and is captured by guards.
Expecting death, Eden only prays her brother survives in the harsh world she trained him for.
But dear Eden is in for a bit of a surprise when she finds out the very Alpha who she thought would kill her, is the one to save her.
Alpha Roman Nicoza.

But Roman isn't just your ordinary Alpha.♡

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- - Jul 30, 2017
Is anyone else finding this really embarrassing - cause I feel really awkward
Zafarsop000 Zafarsop000 Dec 29, 2015
When I read the guard licking her face, I was just like "Eeeeww, HE'S A CANNIBAL??!!!
erin723 erin723 Nov 03, 2015
Awesome I haven't read a story like this one before it's always the girl that is blind please continue this story.
InfinteMourning InfinteMourning Nov 02, 2015
I love it! I can't wait till the next chapter! It seems wonderful! ^_^
meckymeck meckymeck Oct 31, 2015
Also I'm wondering if hell be able to see when he's in wolf form or when his eyes have darkened?  Well only time will tell if both he n his wolf r blind or just his human sides.
meckymeck meckymeck Oct 31, 2015
So couldn't he have not smelt she was his mate instead of asking Cole? I mean yeah I know he's in shock but his senses should've heightened more now that he's blind and from the growl he emitted upon her entry his wolf too should've guaranteed she's his mate.