Alphas Territory

Alphas Territory

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Blake Dominio is the Alpha to the Blue Eclipse pack known to be the strongest pack in South America. Now aged 20 he's known as vicious, violent and dangerous. He's back home in Houston to run his pack on home grounds and to see his best friend.

Mckenzie Montgomery the sweet good girl, the nerd typical girl next door who has always been comfortable being invisible even though she is known for her beauty.

Calder Black Alpha of the Dark Waters park also known as the strongest pack and Alpha in North America. 

What will happen when another Alpha is in town?

Will Mckenzie have to choose between the two?

Will she accept what they are?

Read and stay tuned to find out...

5'5 is not small. Most of my friends are 5'5 and they tower over me. :(
zrocks17 zrocks17 Jul 22
South America as in south of the UNITED STATES or the continent of America? Im sure its the first but ya know there's a hugeee difference