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His Worst Nightmare ✓

His Worst Nightmare ✓

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Shay! By abitbubbly Completed

Everett Stone was a busy man. When he wasn't working as the CEO of his marketing company, he was trying his best to live the normal life of a twenty three year old man like his parents wanted. It wasn't exactly working out for him. He could go out all he wanted, but he just couldn't seem to understand the concept of fun unless it was being forced down his throat. What he needs is a vacation, what he gets is Asher Brantly. 

Asher "Bang Me" Brantly is a player without a cause. He makes his money by being the head editor of his brother's publishing company, but he is a sucker for anyone with a heartbeat and likes to spend his days being a sugar daddy for all his little play toys. It's a hard job if you ask him or his package, but he just can't keep it in his pants. 

When this play boy meets the skittish and obviously inexperienced Everett in a business deal, he immediately makes the decision to expand his likings and goes in for the kill. It's not his first time experimenting with a guy and it won't be his last. Little does he know, Everett isn't one for experimenting and turns him down. In the Brantly family, no isn't an option. Asher gets what Asher wants and he wants Everett Stone. After all, he can only say no so many times before his hands is in his pants and no becomes yes.

**bxb** (don't read if you're not okay with LGBT based romances) cover by the amazing @peakybooo

I saw CEO as one of the tags and I kid you not I stopped reading everything and clicked read
I feel so bad for her because I'm clumsy and good for nothing as well
For a CEO that's gonna take up the deal, he sure talks about it a lot to other people. Isn't that suppose to be hush-hush?
I don't think a marketing company is a thing. Did you mean like advertising or digital marketing? Marketing is usually a division within a company
NnekaZari NnekaZari Mar 22
When I have 26 extra dollars left over from my check I feel lost. Don't know what to do. So many options and possibilities. Can't imagine what I'd do with 1 million let alone 3 million dollars
h17blxck h17blxck Mar 15
Is anyone else's comments saying 136 instead of 5. And it's showing all of the comments on this chapters instead of the comments o pressed on???