Honor of An Italian Mafia

Honor of An Italian Mafia

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ÐÆLË👅💋💋😍😍😝😝 By Soap_Bubblez Updated Aug 22, 2017

He pulled me aggressively inside a small room at the back of the house and braced me against the wall. 

 Angrily he said, " What the hell was that! You told me that you were going to talk with your friend,  not some pathetic horny bastard! 

"What I do or say, is NONE of your business." I exclaimed, sizing him up.
"Oh, it isn't?" he questioned, raising a brow. 

"The last time I checked, anything concerning my WIFE was, and is, MY business." He smirked at me.
 "I will NEVER be YOUR WIFE!" I glared at him, tackling the problem head on.

"Oh, haven't you ever learned, mi bella," He suddenly advanced towards me with slow, enticing steps. 

"What Allejandaro wants, Allejandaro gets."

Roselia Armani is the daughter of the rich, famous, and most powerful man in the world; Rossavo Armani; CEO of Armani Enterprises and King of Mafia.  

Because of her place in the family, she is forced to marry Allejandaro Ravelli, son of Alexhandero Ravelli who is also rich famous and powerful. 

Bound by a secret engagement, and sworn oath, the two worlds must collide as one, in a world of Mafia protection, secrecy, and honor. But as they grow closer, something happens that neither one of them new existed, for as they say,

Keep your enemies close, and The Family closer.

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limatho limatho Jun 13, 2017
Why annoyed boo. And why so rude, it's your bestie. Or did your dad buy/choose her too lmao
Raven953 Raven953 Oct 24, 2017
She woke up at 2a.m., showered and was done by 2a.m. than asked to have breakfast at 2a.m.? That's a very fast shower and an early breakfast 😂
limatho limatho Jun 13, 2017
Honestly I don't feel bad, I mean, duh. Don't deal with the Mafia babe
mollyheart56 mollyheart56 Aug 02, 2016
And he father gave that? Well damn he's changed from 16 years ago
wuneven wuneven Apr 26, 2016
Whoaa. 2 am? Too early for breakfast, isn't it? But that aside, I am really liking this story. Looking forward to this. Thank you for sharing. 💕
Trillion2Oblivion Trillion2Oblivion Apr 15, 2016
You know you're hungry when you read "Allejandero Ravioli" in place of Ravelli. 😒😄