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You're My Idiot [Jean Kirstein x Reader]

You're My Idiot [Jean Kirstein x Reader]

9.4K Reads 385 Votes 8 Part Story
death-the-otaku By death-the-otaku Completed

Five years after the fall of Shiganshina and the loss of wall Maria, you've become a cadet, hell bent on revenge against the Titans for killing the ones you love. 
You weren't looking for him, but he found you.

SugaGlazed_Kookie SugaGlazed_Kookie Nov 02, 2016
Even though we all know that she reads that lemon fan fiction.
Jimins_waifu Jimins_waifu Jun 06, 2016
It's for self defence for if they ever get in a fight with thiefs or something
Ashtheunicoorn Ashtheunicoorn Jul 26, 2016
I-I'll just Bertell you what I Bertold him. You just gotta go out there and do it. You gotta loosen and tighten at the same tine
CrispHorrizon CrispHorrizon Dec 16, 2016
Well what if you got into a fist fight with a titan shifter? Then your fighting a titan
D347HC0M35N47UT4LLY D347HC0M35N47UT4LLY Aug 26, 2016
Me: No, Marco, you can stay! You can stay! *hugs Marco* *whispers*: You can stay!
YoungMulaBebz YoungMulaBebz Nov 11, 2016
That moment your taller then everyone in the story 😂😂😂