Nightmares  (complete✔️)

Nightmares (complete✔️)

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✨Bishhh✨ By poopyheadlol Completed

Short but very scary stories  that will freak you out

You should  read it at night before going to bed 

Warning: some of them will contain blood and more, so if you cant handle somethings like that please don't read


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ArtisticRedDevil ArtisticRedDevil Apr 13, 2017
clowns....their everywhere
                              Oh sorry that was my air horn,don't mind me 😄
Creatorgirl905 Creatorgirl905 Dec 29, 2017
'while grinning widely'
                              Me: *starts looking up pictures of Bendy*
RashawnSmith1 RashawnSmith1 Jul 05, 2017
A++++++ million and billion votes and comments on this nightmare story.
HertRUDEzz HertRUDEzz May 06
Me *pretending I didn't saw him and that I'm blind... seriously how fun..
DaEmperor DaEmperor Aug 29, 2016
or maybe she has short memory term like Dory and forgot that she turned on tv
allonsy31 allonsy31 May 15, 2016
The last man on earth sat alone in a room.
                              There was a knock at the door.