A Girl Named Summer

A Girl Named Summer

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Jay's live turned upside down when Summer entered his life. She was his so called step sister but he hated her as he has not acknowledged  the marriage union of his mom's and Summer's father. Nothing changes in him, until one day when he finally realizes what Summer is. Was it already too late to express his brotherly love?

Austin life changes completely after he meets Summer. Austin, who has been a rebel and a player his whole teenage life turned into someone's faithful person for her. But still there was something that was missing, will it be late before he realizes what he was missing?

Summer is a normal girl, spending her life happily with her father and new step mother, trying to impress her brother so that he would accept her. She changes everyone's lives with her smile, but little she knew that her life would change coming to Melbourne. 

This is the story of A Girl Named Summer.

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annieshaare annieshaare Mar 05, 2018
I love your book! This was the first book i read on Wattpad. Like 2 years ago. And today, this is probably the 5th time I am reading it. I just love the story. And even though I know how the story ends, I cry everytime any character does. I just love this book. ♥♥💞
beechyoubestbelieve beechyoubestbelieve Nov 04, 2017
This is so weird my name is summer my brothers name is jay and I live in Melbourne WTF THAT IS SO WEIRD
user357975 user357975 Mar 07, 2016
Umm, I just read this chapter, but I don't think it's in Summers POV?
Dark_knight_love Dark_knight_love Feb 19, 2014
awesome.. This is third book of you m reading.. :-) kinda out of curious, so gonna read this today night.
JaiSharp JaiSharp Jan 16, 2012
GREAT chapter , i really enjoyed reading this :)) the plot line is good , keep it up =))
Glitterqueen Glitterqueen Jan 11, 2012
Without reading i already love this book. Its the cast that did it. I <3 Miley!