The Impatient Man and His Suit

The Impatient Man and His Suit

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Shelby The Potate By PoeticJerk Updated Jan 06

A Draco X Reader

Small apartment, small workplace, small social life...
Having the day off and reading a spicy novel is just as exciting as your life gets. You are a well-tempered and good-humored young lady who can take on a nice pile of work. Grudges could be held, but you tend to not let people get on your nerves. Except for this one...As you go on in your ordinary life, the strangest, scariest, and most magical things are to happen. Will you except it all? Or will you deny it?

"Muggles..." spat the man bitterly as he retreated from the tiny bus stop, leaving me utterly confused. 

"Muggles?...What the hell does that mean?"

This is NOT a first person narrative. But i will use the following inserts in this x reader: (Y/N)=Your name (F/L)=First & Last name.
(L/N)=Last name, (H/C)=Hair color.( /C)= Color of item, and (F/N)= Friends name...(I know it's a lot).

*DISCLAIMER* Draco obviously is not my character and same goes for the other characters or content that you'll recognize as J.K Rowling's.

Shy_Shadow Shy_Shadow May 06, 2016
Well... I don't remember seeing any repeated sentences to be totally honest.