Winter, Winter

Winter, Winter

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Winter: the most beautiful season of the year. 

Winter: the quietest girl in school; the wallflower that blends in with the crowd. 

Winter: the season that demands the most attention, freezing you with it's cold blizzards when you attempt to ignore it. Blind your eyes with it's sparkling icicles when you walk by. 

Winter: the girl that never wants attention, the girl that only wants to graduate without being noticed. 

Winter, Winter. 

Two completely different things, with one entirely same name.


Four short stories inspired by the four beautiful seasons of the year.

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Winter_senpai Winter_senpai Apr 16, 2017
Okay I honestly love this. Because my name is winter and this is exactly how I am in real life!!
Summer demands a lot of attention too when your skin gets red from sunburn 
Pendragonhead Pendragonhead May 07, 2016
I've always always wanted to comment on a disclaimer chapter
entrelosversos entrelosversos Jul 03, 2016
I think it is trully is beautiful, delicate and pure, meanwhile some people hate it because they can't get out of the blizzard and focus on all its flaws, but if you let the blizzard embrace you then you will see all it's beauty
keka31 keka31 Nov 20, 2016
Love winter <3 multitude of holidays, cold weather, and winter break. Where i live, it never gets extremely cold, like doesnt really snow much, so thats nice. And the holidays are a great excuse to shower friends and family with gifts 手
cherrytshirt cherrytshirt Aug 13, 2016
True, I love winter. I love the hoodies and scarfs and stuff