[C] All About Gfriend

[C] All About Gfriend

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여자친구(Girlfriend) or Gfriend is a 6 member girl group under Source Music Entertainment.

The member consist of Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji.

All about Gfriend. Profile and lyrics.

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nanay_ko_ nanay_ko_ Apr 08
Ikr xD. Tom and jerry line, short line, vocal line, jung line and etc.
myjoyfulworld myjoyfulworld Nov 10, 2016
I'm also in the same position as Yuju because I'm the oldest and the noona of two boys
nckymy nckymy Jul 05, 2016
I'm a big fan of G-friend!😍😘, especially Yerin, many ship them with BTS.😍, ahhaha.
CryingMonstxr CryingMonstxr Apr 04, 2016
there are 4 Line the Jung Line ( Jung Einbi ) Eunha and ( Jung Yerin ) Yerin
KimySeok15 KimySeok15 Mar 08, 2016
I am so happy they debuted in my birthday! I can remember it more xD i forgot debut's days lol
butterflydreamsss butterflydreamsss May 31, 2016
Cousin company of BigHit Entertainment. The one who produced GLAM and BTS also.