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blakswan2015 By blakswan2015 Updated Jun 09, 2017

"All my life all wanted was to find a small somewhere I can call home, A somewhere I would belong, but now......."

"You belong here with me, your home is where I'm............, you're MINE, and I'm not letting you go not now, not ever"

Tisha is an orphan, who lived in a shitty orphanage. The only family she considered was , an old widower living few blocks away from the orphanage who she have been taking care for 4 years.

When Charles dies two days before her 18th birthday, his lawyer give her Charles's last letter for her, which says he left her all the money in his account and a house in a small town Winter-Woods

Winter-Woods was a small town, on the other side of the country 400 miles away from the big city, surrounded by dark and dangerous woods and also many rumours, which keeps outsiders from entering the town.

  • alpha
  • human
  • newtown
  • romance
  • secret
emstorys emstorys Apr 26, 2016
God doesn't hate you.. He loves you very much, that sometimes you don't even know.
mapapama mapapama Aug 24, 2016
she fainted because she heard a howl? and someone opened the door?
AlyricLamb AlyricLamb Jul 27, 2016
I love the vines on horror movies, but they're racist so it's like should I laugh or not
xWIZDUMBx xWIZDUMBx Aug 15, 2016
@AlyricLamb  The fact that I'm just now seeing this is crazy lol but yeah sometimes I have to second guess and be like "woah there"
kj12727 kj12727 Jun 01, 2016
There are a few grammar mistakes, not too many that the story would be hard to read, but overall I'd say the plot is pretty unique and interesting. It certainly did catch my attention to say the least.
kj12727 kj12727 Jun 02, 2016
There are a few grammar mistakes, not enough to make the story hard to read, but overall the story is pretty unique and interesting. It caught my attention to say the least.