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Her Name Is Ana ✓

Her Name Is Ana ✓

77.8K Reads 3.7K Votes 15 Part Story
♔ brianne By citylightes Completed

[COMPLETED] Jessica Fanner was twelve when she met her best friend Ana. Three years later Jessica had grown up to be a smart fifteen year old girl who hid behind fake smiles while in reality she had a secret;

All she could ever think about was losing weight.

Lucky for her, Ana knows exactly how to help her with that. She set up rules for Jessica that no one knew about and Jessica, thinking that it'd help her, followed them blindly. 

But is this really what she wants? And is Ana really who she says she is?

©citylightes 2016
Book 1 in the #HerNameIs duology.
Rewritten: 20-23 October 2016
Highest Ranking: #25 in short story.

TammyThompson2 TammyThompson2 Oct 14, 2016
I'm English , Russian and Spanish and speak all the languages fluently ... But Russian is easier for me to read with because then nosy friends have no clue what I'm reading ! So thanks for the translation !
SpaghettifiedBook SpaghettifiedBook Sep 29, 2016
|-/ hey clique members I know I shouldn't I don't really want to self advertise but I published a poem and it has a really dark theme and I know the clique are a group of people who've been through a lot, it might help you, who knows?
itzmec itzmec Dec 07, 2016
You're a brilliant writer, truly. But, you knew about "Ana" and "Mia" at 12? That's probably.. a bit too early..
Socixl_Distxrtion Socixl_Distxrtion Jul 30, 2016
I have re read this book like 10 times its awesome! I can't believe your thirteen! But then again so am I :) just casually writing a 7 book series