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❝The worst kind of wars are the ones of which you're unaware you're fighting. The worst kinds are the ones where you genuinely think you're happy, safe, but then you look down and find a dagger in your chest, and it's too late. You're bleeding out.❞
- Brianne de Deugd 

Jessica Fanner is a victim of Ana Nervosa, also known as Anorexia. She doesn't see it that way, though. In her eyes, in her mind, Anorexia is a girl that reflects every one of her insecurities. Ana is who she wants to be the most, and soon she finds herself being numb as she starves herself. But when a cruel plot twist is thrown into the mix, Jessica wonders if this is truly the road to beauty, and not the road to self-destruction and eventually death.

*trigger warning*
©airfield 2016
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meg-adeshia meg-adeshia Sep 07
I really wish I was skinny... I want to be so tiny people want to gental with me In fear I'd snap...
wiNE-kUn wiNE-kUn Apr 01
This story, it relates to me so much. This was written beautifully.
Why? Why does her Pro Ana have to be her, but "better". This makes me disappointed in her mental stability, but then again, she was young.
TammyThompson2 TammyThompson2 Oct 14, 2016
I'm English , Russian and Spanish and speak all the languages fluently ... But Russian is easier for me to read with because then nosy friends have no clue what I'm reading ! So thanks for the translation !
itzmec itzmec Dec 07, 2016
You're a brilliant writer, truly. But, you knew about "Ana" and "Mia" at 12? That's probably.. a bit too early..
- - Jul 30, 2016
I have re read this book like 10 times its awesome! I can't believe your thirteen! But then again so am I :) just casually writing a 7 book series