High school love.

High school love.

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mermaide71 By mermaide71 Updated Apr 12, 2013

I watched as he passed me. He had blonde hair and tanned skin. He looked smaller than most guys, but still, that didn't stop me from looking at him. He was wearing black conversation and a button up blue shirt. 

He was breathtaking. Everything about him was perfect. As he ran down the hallway toward me, my heart raced. But he ran past me and came up behind a girl and hugged her from behind. The girl whipped around, and met his eyes. 

I looked closer and felt my heart break as I looked into the eyes of my best friend. Maddy. My best friend since diapers. She couldn't do this to me. He turned around and his green eyes met mine. His face changed to surprise as he took me in..... It was him. 

Days earlier 

"ALLIE!" Maddy screamed down the hallway. She ran down and jumped on me. I caught her and we fell hitting the ground. We both broke out in a giggle fit as I hugged her with all my strength. 

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!" she screamed at me. I poked her cheek and helped her off the ground a...

What do we comment on I thought it was about middle school love