Serial Bed Hopper

Serial Bed Hopper

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Annie By AnnieTheAuthor Completed

Lucy's confidence with men doesn't go unnoticed; but her haughty personality, her incessant use of the 'C' word, and her need for sex tends to put her to the back of the queue when it comes to the type of men she wants to date.

In a quest to meet her sexual desires, Lucy joins 'Tinder' in an attempt to find a man who can 'keep up' with her needs.

***A prequel to Serial First Dater***

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babymakini babymakini Dec 29, 2017
My my my this book is very very intresting guy's don't  u think Kayla
zaynjavaaddm zaynjavaaddm May 14, 2016
hiiii you guys should check out my fanfic☺️ ill return the love.
Skylare94 Skylare94 Mar 21, 2016
Continue this sorry please. I came across it yesterday and read all the chapters in one go 😰
yoncceee yoncceee Feb 07, 2017
Ya'll why does the girl in the cover have white arms and black legs?
Oceanablue Oceanablue Dec 30, 2015
Ah Lucy! She's special, this one! I love her soooo much! I'm so happy you're doing a story on her! Si is the absolute best!
MichaelCleve MichaelCleve Nov 12, 2015
Good start. Though I have to wonder, did you start this story before the movie, Trainwreck came out?