Werewolf Princess - (Editing and Updating)

Werewolf Princess - (Editing and Updating)

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Kimberly By HelloJK02 Updated Oct 28

❝Some people chose to stay, some people chose to leave. It's their choice and not mine because i know that every single things changes❞
      She discovered a lot of things, she has gone through pain and happiness, she received a lot of lies and secrets. She has gone through a lot of twists and turns but she still manage to stand. She never backs down and never gives up
      Confusions, lies, secrets, hate, love all jumbled up in one story creating the book called
      Werewolf Princess


Warning before you read: There are chapters that are edited, and some might not be. I'm warning you that you might get confused as you go on to the story.
This book is still not finished. I am updating twice a week and edit some chapter about two times a day to make better progress.

Thank you for all the support that you guys have given me. Continue to keep on reading. Luv yah!

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