Secret Identity [REVISI]

Secret Identity [REVISI]

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This was how everything started...

Meet Flo...
22 Years Old, an Extra ordinary young woman. Pretty, Genius, Rich. I could say that she has everything in this world. The kind of girl that every girl wants to be because she has a perfect material of perfect girl. She and her 2 Besties got called as "Triple Fallen Angel" By all the media even they're not a public figure, all the guys fall from top to toe for her. Beautiful face, richest family on the world, she even got 3 Maxime Cum Laude Degrees while she's not a day older than 18 years old. I could say that she's Genius. Got another perfect life with her another 7 extra-ordinary Best Friends who always be there from her. I'm sure you guys would be jealous from this girl who almost have a hundred percent of perfection. why almost? She's actually has a secret that makes her become a mysterious person that even her Besties didn't know about it.

Meet Trevor...
27 Years old Crown Prince of the second richest small kingdom between Eurasia. The most Eligible Bachelor in the world.

Who knew after Flo meet The crown prince, everything suddenly changed. slowly but sure Floretta change and start to forget about what she hide before, enjoying her life without the weight... and started to figure out something that people called 'Love'

Come join me to watch Flo's perfect life, and how Trevor changed her life. This is just another story of the modern Royalty Fairy tales.

[BOOK 1 of First Universe series]
Chapter 17-18 goes private :-D

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calmgirls calmgirls May 07, 2016
I'll be waiting all I wanna do is run, you'll be the prince and I'll be princess its a love story baby just say yeeeeeeeesssss
frau28 frau28 Jun 24, 2016
Tadinya mau baca yg tp ngeliat cover dan judul cerita ini jd aja mampir kesini huehehe😅
DickyHerliansyah DickyHerliansyah Jun 09, 2016
Kakak, kurasa sehabis titik spasi deh, atau itu hanya typo? (Pas bagian "padamu.Daniella" nahkan harusnya spasi hehe? Hanya saran saja. Wkwkwk
DickyHerliansyah DickyHerliansyah Jun 09, 2016
Menurutku elipsis (...) hanya berjumlah tiga titik aja deh, gak kurang dan gak lebih hehehe
NisaAtfiatmico NisaAtfiatmico May 17, 2016
Seperti nonton desney atau baca dongeng.. Tp u prolog sudah sangat bagus... Danni tu pangeran bukan?
frau28 frau28 Jun 24, 2016
Kl hbs percakapan kasih koma/titik ya sebelum diakhiri dgn tanda kutip^^