Game On (Jelsa)

Game On (Jelsa)

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"She will be mine, soon or later."

Sex. Lust. Power. That is Life. With the combinations of dark past and history, what would Elsa and Jack become?

Game On
life will change
Friendship will be tested
Relationship will be a mess

Love and Hate.
Innocent and Guilty.
Play and being played.

Cliche romance? 
it's New Romantics

P.S mild sexual content

If you skip this, you will regret:)

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And that my friends is a perfect example of a Tsunder  moment.
Have I ever wanted to imagine Elsa kicking Jack Frost in the nuts? Well not really but I just did.
I ship mericcup.
                              But i respect Hiccstrid 
                              So Let's just respect each other's ships
JarrettCox0 JarrettCox0 Jun 11
You know, I wrote an article on what girls want. In doing research, I found that women's interest in men goes back to the stone age, when women wanted the biggest and meanest to protect their offspring.
jaypriivv_ jaypriivv_ Jun 25
You know what why not on the whole social media including wattpad
For the first time in forever !!! I have been singing this song since I saw the title actually I was singing it in school. What a coincidence