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Terrible Things // Suga BTS {Complete]

Terrible Things // Suga BTS {Complete]

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Crystal's Wifey 🙈 By majesticbangtan Completed

"We have such terrible things in our lives" She says, glancing at Suga. Suga pauses, taking her chin in his two fingers. Tilting her head, towards him. She blinks twice, before turning her head to shelter her face away from him. 

"Darling, even with terrible things in our lives. You are always going to be the best terrible thing to happen to me"

sleepingsuga sleepingsuga Apr 10, 2016
:( Yah same... I was also made fun of for doing things like those and someone told on me and I got introuble... But I hope you're feeling a lot better now than you were before :( if not feel free to PM me :) I'll help you even if it's like 4-6 months late.
jia1004 jia1004 Dec 15, 2016
i once did self harm when i teenager long time ago, i do that bcoz of heartbroken. now i already adult. and i didnt do that again. authornim, diff person diff life style, hwaiting!!! ok lets go read this story~~
You're so brave, I've written stories like this about myself, but I've never had the courage to post them. You should be very proud of yourself ❤
UniqueHoneyBuny UniqueHoneyBuny Aug 23, 2016
I don't know how you feel but i do know that you don't listen to those people. They are jealous because you are something else. Your strong brave amazing and everything. But i glad you have stop
Author-nim don't hurt your self. Listen to Got7's Just Right that's what I do when I get bullied
bocascurls bocascurls Nov 26, 2016
i've never self harmed but every time i see it in a story it makes me feel like im going to throw up so i always skip the parts now