Messy Romance

Messy Romance

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Anonymous Writer By Hijabi-Princess Updated Dec 26, 2017

This character is from this book: HIS BROKEN SOUL. 

You don't have to read that one to understand this one. 


Zach is a heir to his fathers extremely wealthy company.  He's respected and loathed but he not really interested in his fathers business or the money. 

He's immature, irresponsible, and unprofessional, well at least, that's how his father sees it. 

Zach  doesn't really understand the boring business, but want to strive. His dad hopes that Zach has the tiniest amount of potential because then he hires a professional  who happens to just  happens to be up tight Amira. 

Amira is known as professional, responsible and basically opposite of what Zach is. She's independent and has everything in check. She does her job well and doesn't like messing up. But this time she's hired as almost a babysitter of a rich heir and is annoyed she even came. 

How will these two be able to work together spite their hatred for each other and differences? What happens when cool guy Zach doesn't cooperate? How will she be able to make a difference? 


"I'm tired. I feel like sleeping. Goodbye." Zach sighed, got up, and began leaving his office. 

I grab the collar of his fancy suit and nudge him backwards. I didn't come here in these killer heals to deal with this little kid who was older than me. "No Mr. Zach. We are going to finish this up." 

Zach huffed. "I'm too handsome for this shit." He whispered under his breath. 

Zach then turned and glared at me,Eyes narrowing. I felt a little scared but I glared back. We kept glaring at each other until he sighed and averted his eyes. He strode to his chair and sat down, crossing his hands on the table. "What is there more to do Mrs. Uptight and Boring?" He then gave me a wink. 

I'm going to kill him.

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scoopofSUGA scoopofSUGA Jul 07, 2017
Im gonna read this?
                              Coz d male lead is Park Bo Gum!
                              Wtf..wherever i go i see my lovely kdrama actors or kpop idols?
                              Why am i so obsessed with them?
- - May 15, 2016
I just finished HSB..I loved that book it was awesome especially Zach.... I am excited to read this story:)
Author-ization Author-ization Dec 16, 2016
I think this is good so far and really want to keep on reading! :D
introvertsince01 introvertsince01 Jul 14, 2016
The title of this story plus the cover PlUS Zac.....❤❤❤
- - Dec 24, 2015
Step aside bítches I'm here!!!!! Lol I'm really excited to read about Zach :)
ThePressurlsOff ThePressurlsOff Oct 23, 2015
Awww! I thought there'd be at least two chaps, nonetheless, amazing book! You are doing a great job! Keep it up honey.