La Vie En Rose || OHSHC x Reader ||

La Vie En Rose || OHSHC x Reader ||

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Pansexual Pirate By EchoingThroughTime Updated Nov 18, 2016

La Vie En Rose, Life in Pink.

You've come from the lovely country of France, born and raised. For high school, a good friend of your mother suggested you go to Japan and to Ouran Academy.

Of course, there you were sent and thus began your rather extravagant life at Ouran.

Screw me. I knew I should've taken French. Welp, I have Google for that..
Okay at first I was like I know this song but I didn't want to read it I wanted to SING IT! So it took me a while to figure out where in the song this was. I did my best trying to sing it but I seriously love this song.
Is it me or Every time I see French I think I France from hetalia.... Is that weird?
                              DODIE CLARK <3 (holy crap I didnt evem know that my future favorite sonv would be here plus be a title of a bool
ViviT3115 ViviT3115 Jun 30
And here's me, the lone girl who takes German in the sea of "I take French comments" XD
I speak German instead of Spanish to my mom and she was like "  ¿Qué diablos está diciendo?" meaning "What the heck are saying?"