Azusa X reader X Kanato (Diobolik Lovers fanfic)

Azusa X reader X Kanato (Diobolik Lovers fanfic)

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Please don't judge me this is my first Azusa X reader so hope you enjoy. 

As I'm running in the rain in headed to my friends house. Azusa Mukami im thinking of the things i just saw.

I was my birthday and I was turning 18. I walked to my parents room to wake them up but I feel something sticky on the floor, I look down and see....blood. "W - what the hell!" I say and I hear someone in my parents room so I rush and open the door and see my dad hanged from the ceiling fan still spinning splatering the whole room with blood and my mother stabbed with knifes in her eyes, neck, head, arms, everywhere on her body. "M-Mom....D-dDad what happened to you?"   "Do you like the gift I left you dear." I recanized that voice it....was my aunt. "WHAT DID YOU DO AND WHY YOU BITCH!" I yell at the top of my lungs. I shut my eye to stop crying but doesn't work. I open my eyes to see my aunt gone. Where did she go?  I need to see Azusa  to help me calm down.I changed into some jeans and...

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I wuv u too, Azusa. And I love black. Also, Azusa is more like "I... Love you... Liv..."
Firepuppy13 Firepuppy13 Jul 19
That is what i wear.. except i wear a blue leather jacket... blue jumper or super warm fluffy hoodie jumper (ma favourite jumper/jakets btw)
"But I feel something sticky on the floor" me: .....SEMEN!? o.o
Firepuppy13 Firepuppy13 Jul 19
No you dont...... + cerulean blue is my favourite colour... i added a cerulean blue jacket btw... black i apparently a shade but idc... black comes second on favourite list
I love Azusa!!!!!! He is depressed and loves pain just like me. (BTW, anyone who wants to hurt me is welcome.....carry a knife the next time you see me and i will say "can you please hurt me". i won't hesitate.
- - Jan 31, 2016
oH * wiggles eyebrows * his room. Heheeh 
                              ( sorry people I have a perverted mind. Slightly. )