Transgender ⇢ Phan

Transgender ⇢ Phan

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Garrett By HeartwarmingHowell Updated Nov 20, 2016

WARNING (mentions self harm, attempted suicide, etc.) also Cursing. 

I was inspired by Alex_Dawson's story "Transgender" and "Call me Dan" so credits to them :) 

I've actually have been wanting to make a story like this for a while. So here we are! I know my writing skills aren't the best, but I hope you enjoy the story anyway C:

Ps. I am aware that ACE bandages are not safe to use and people have passed out and it even has put people in hospitals. But Dan is kinda new at this and doesn't know all this stuff.. I am transgender myself, I don't use ace bandages bc I know they are harmful, I use sports bras until I can finally get a binder.

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even if it's inspired it seems like plagiarism. they seem exactly the same
smh this is seriously so similar to the actual transgender phanfic
How can something be sweat/yoga pants arent those the opposite
Alex_almost_Hamilton Alex_almost_Hamilton Dec 20, 2016
My mom doesn't know that I'm neutral. I tend to just use fem pronouns cos I don't want to constantly correct ppl
Rebalyx5 Rebalyx5 Apr 25, 2016
My mum calls me "miss lady" its terrible cause I'm also ftm....ugh
Trans_Bi_Otaku Trans_Bi_Otaku Aug 21, 2016
My step-mom calls me mr I say "I'm a her now Trisha" she says "I don't give a fück mr" I say " CHANGE YOUR PRONOUNS" and she yells at me I have no self esteem because of her