Stings sister

Stings sister

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BookWorm_Tomboy121 By otakulife12345 Updated Nov 07

"I missed you"

"I love you"

"Goodbye... Laxus"
Ok, let's admit it, Lucy does not have the perfect, happy life that others have. It's filled with pain, regret. She lost her mother, father, brother, and now foster parent?! She has a companion, but, enough said.

My name, Lucy Eucliffe Heartifilia. My mother, Layla Heartifilia. Father, Jude Heartifilia. Brother, find out. I don't have the best life, but I'm happy with who I am and what I have. I have a family, a short one indeed. But it's better that nothing, right? My mom died when I was young. My dad lost his purpose, that is what he said. My brother, no where to be found. I have a purpose. Find my brother, find... Love....

Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima

Mizuha-chan Mizuha-chan Feb 16
since start and I'm loving that u haven't made lucy a dragonslayer