Meliodas x Reader One-shots

Meliodas x Reader One-shots

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The One Who Read The Readers By DreamLover432 Updated Feb 12

A collection of shots for our dear captain blond o3o

All characters, except you, belongs to Nakaba Suzuki.


GoddessOfPhones GoddessOfPhones May 09, 2016
Wtf all dem people commenting got pretty eyes and all that shiit while I got Brown eyes, red/blonde/brown hair and I guess whitish skin. I'm trying not to be racist. I'm sorry if I offended any of you but that's just my personality
I have long purple hair gold eyes pearl colored skin is the goddess of all goddess
Why can I imagine myself basically getting insulted on my wedding day-- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I won't get married I'm die alone. 
                              Yeva go get that rude bastard!
                              *in the distance* Yeva: Yeah!
comorade comorade Mar 26, 2016
Okay if I find out hogs there and is making meliodas taller then........... Nice move
cooljill55 cooljill55 Oct 29, 2016
You whisper so how old are you
                              Meliodas cheerfully exclaims 3000 years old give or take 
                              Que spitting out drink in his face
wendymarvel10 wendymarvel10 Oct 23, 2016
Oh. My. Flipping. Gosh. 
                              I read "he told me about our babies" im here like WTH I HAVE NO BABIES IM A TWELVE YEAR OLD!!! WHAT AND WHO DO U TAKE ME FOR?!