❤️Avengers Imagines❤️ {Wattys2017}

❤️Avengers Imagines❤️ {Wattys2017}

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❤️Readers Assemble!❤️
 This book is a collection of imagines that I have put together for:
•Steve/Captain America 
•Thor Odinson 
•Bucky/Winter Soldier 
•Loki Laufeyson 
•Peter Parker/Spider-Man 
•Wade Wilson/Deadpool

❤️~Requests are Open~❤~Also accepting Oneshot requests~❤️️Enjoy❤️

<<All Rights Reserved©>>
I unfortunately do not own any of the listed characters above. They originate from the creators at Marvel©. Although, all of the stories made up throughout this book, belong to me. I do not support plagiarism nor do I support ghost writers. Everything written is done by me and no one else. Unless a cooperation between another writer and I is taking place, then it will be stated at the beginning of the written piece. Thank you.

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Fartsyay Fartsyay Sep 07
I'm trying so hard to not laugh because I'm surrounded by relatives XD
He took my hand 
                              LOKI MOTHEREFFIN GOD OF MISCHIEF TOUCHED ME 
                              IM NEVER WASHING THIS HAND
notpaaiigee notpaaiigee Nov 20
Uh, no, it’s nic-nack-tic-tack-frick-frack-pick-pack-rick-rack-patty-wack. Get it right.
"Smoooothhh, you got lucky"
                              Tony: "mhhm"
                              *next day*
                              Tony: *on a phone call* hey, yeah, you're fired.
Clumsy_kitten Clumsy_kitten Aug 31, 2016
Well I just found this book... And now I must read it all! Btw I like the cover lol :3
MariasLife2003 MariasLife2003 Dec 14, 2016
"If you don't ask her out, then I will do it for you" I'M DEAD!! *dies of uncontrollable laughter*