My Overprotective Vampire King (Book Two of Possessive Mates Series)

My Overprotective Vampire King (Book Two of Possessive Mates Series)

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Disneylover3 By Disneylover3 Updated Jun 20, 2016

Sequel to My Possessive Ex Best Friend

Elizabeth Michaels is a shy, timid 15 year old girl who also happens to be the daughter of Belle and Jake Michaels. Making her the daughter of the two most powerful people in the world. The  king and Queen of all races.

As tradition holds now, every royal girl now born from the Michaels family on their sixteenth birthday must attend a grand party in which every royal under the age of 25 of every race must attend. Under obligation Elizabeth must greet everyone and touch their hand to see if they were mates. 

In order to keep the royal blood line going every Michael girl must find a mate at 16. No matter if they want to or not. 

Elizabeth has known this day was coming since she was a baby but what she wasn't expecting was the instant love and attraction.

Thrown in a couple of deranged psychopaths and an old enemy and you have yourself one crazy ass sequel. But then again, when aren't my stories crazy?

I would suggest reading the first book before reading this one so you can avoid confusion. But it still can be read as a stand alone.

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Please finish this book....i m in love with the first book & way too excited for this one
2Eternity_nByond 2Eternity_nByond Jan 09, 2016
I know I'm late on reading this.  I only just started to get back in wattpad. But Ivan already tell u this is going to be grrrrrreeeeaaaattt😁👍🏻
bad_tomboy_animal bad_tomboy_animal Nov 04, 2015
@Disneylover3  I like Jane better and km honored that I get to decide on something so important on such an awesome book
bad_tomboy_animal bad_tomboy_animal Nov 04, 2015
In the other nook I thought it was supposed to be Elizabeth Ana Michaels? Did they decide differently or am I being a little retarded again? Lol
liveanna liveanna Oct 14, 2015
There's only one chapter on this?? I'm not being rude I'm just wondering if there's more and my one doesn't have all of it..... But I can gather that so far is an amazing book!!
Bad_vibess Bad_vibess Oct 13, 2015
Every time I read this book it made me laugh and cry which is something really hard for u to do it. But this book did I it with just a snap. Needless to say,ur book is goals and golds. Plus update, I can't wait for more crazy stuff.