The Angel Within

The Angel Within

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amanda By InfiniteWriterWorker Updated Aug 31, 2014

In which survival is put through the ultimate test.           

It is said that the supernatural world was like a thin sheet of glass - for it was far too harmonic; far too fragile for those to wreak havoc upon. Albeit, there was a hybrid that could shatter it with the touch of her finger, with the air of her presence. She was a crack in that glass, threatening to welcome all darkness that crawled from the grim abyss.

She didn't ask for this. She didn't ask to be indomitable. She didn't ask to be perfect. And she certainly didn't ask to be hidden for her life sake.

But yet she was, being a werewolf-angel, after all. Despite the many odds that are against her, she strives with a strong and unwavering spirit to survive in a world devoid of love. With a secret past, her life remains a true mystery to others.

But this was all going to change.             

Meet Charlotte Taken, and this is her story.

(Cover by 17Serenity)
(Trailer by niamh1864)

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Paigee_17 Paigee_17 Dec 02, 2017
There’s a whole lot of similes; it makes Charlotte sound really poetic in my opinion.
LEEKwang_Ja LEEKwang_Ja May 21, 2017
Fuxk these lines are so deep, got me all in my feels 😢😢😍
potato_x_forever potato_x_forever Aug 10, 2017
Leme clean my glasses to see who dafuq you talking to👏👏
potato_x_forever potato_x_forever Aug 10, 2017
I'm hella dumb to where I don't know what this means      Don't troll me please
ShardsOfIndigo ShardsOfIndigo Dec 05, 2017
I remember reading this book back in 2014 and i ended up misplacing it (can you do that with a wattpad book?). i couldn't find but i finally did. yay i guess
IHaveABookAddiction IHaveABookAddiction Nov 26, 2016
How does the were community not know who she is based on her last name?