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Wolf Pack Roleplay

Wolf Pack Roleplay

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Master_of_Roleplays By Master_of_Roleplays Completed

Be a wolf, live, love, and defend your pack.

StormSurvivorsfan StormSurvivorsfan Aug 29, 2016
(if i dont wanna Roleplay this anymore, i will kill my own character)
ForTheEmporer ForTheEmporer Aug 26, 2016
Name: Emperor
                              Mate: None
                              Age: 29 Dog years
                              Family: Dead.
                              Looks: Grey with a big black stripe down the middle of his spine and a scar on his eye, but his eye is intact.
GarmauKittylover GarmauKittylover Aug 17, 2016
                              Mate none
                              Age 27 
                              Family: one puppy named Estorra ( I'm going to be her)
                              White wolf with blue eyes and a blue moon on the side
                              Strong but nice
AliceHightoppHatter AliceHightoppHatter Aug 31, 2016
Name: Mercury
                              Appearance: A red fox pelt with a white underbelly, as well as a golden eyes, an her cheeks have swirls.
                              Personality: Kind, loyal, Clever, Good sense of right and wrong, 
                              Age: 20 moons
                              Family: none. Joined as a rouge
                              Ability: Wind/ telekinetic
BruukiOutsideTheBox BruukiOutsideTheBox Oct 18, 2016
I remember this was one of my first roleplays. I will now return, to give it a second go.
StormSurvivorsfan StormSurvivorsfan Aug 29, 2016
Name: Paw
                              Gender: Male
                              Age: 3 years
                              Mother: Mona (i think thats her name)
                              Father: Storm
                              Brother: Growl