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Wolf Pack Roleplay

Wolf Pack Roleplay

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Master_of_Roleplays By Master_of_Roleplays Completed

Be a wolf, live, love, and defend your pack.

LGFireTiger LGFireTiger Jun 24
I wanna join 
                              Name: Kyon
                              Age: 21
                              Gender: male
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Looks: gray fur, white ears, green eyes, white tail
                              Personality: kind, playful, gentle, protective
                              Likes: kids, snow, family(his pack), hunting
                              Dislikes: when someone hurt his family
                              Crush: none yet
                              Other: hard childhood
Name: Onyixia 
                              Age: 12 moons
                              Apperance: A sliver she-wolf with black, swirl-like markings, white muzzle and chest, and a red tail. (More orange-like) half her left ear is missing, and is missing chunks of her right.
Name: Louie
                              Gender: male
                              Appearance: black,white and brown on the mouth and paws with blue eyes
                              Personality: protective,lazy,sometimes playful,adventurous
                              (Is this good??)
                              AGE 15
                              GENDER female
                              APPEARANCE somewhere in between tall and short middle
                              But would rather be a WOLF more than a human but if my WOLF s life were in danger then yes I WILL BECOME HUMAN
AliceHightoppHatter AliceHightoppHatter Aug 31, 2016
Name: Mercury
                              Appearance: A red fox pelt with a white underbelly, as well as a golden eyes, an her cheeks have swirls.
                              Personality: Kind, loyal, Clever, Good sense of right and wrong, 
                              Age: 20 moons
                              Family: none. Joined as a rouge
                              Ability: Wind/ telekinetic
BruukiOutsideTheBox BruukiOutsideTheBox Oct 18, 2016
I remember this was one of my first roleplays. I will now return, to give it a second go.