House of Werewolves.

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Nataly Santizo By natz17 Updated 3 months ago
Aurelia is 17 and was unknowing brought in to a life of abusement and deceit and is looking for a way out.
    On the first day of school of her senior year a group of people that move in and will change her life forever.  And one of the new comers catch her eyes and she can't get him out of her head. Why? Read and find out.
@TaylorBlackburn Shut up she's not perfect but neither is anyone else in the world including u and me!!!!
@TaylorBlackburn ok shut it, she isn't perfect and I'm sure your not either
Is she a wolf and do they know and use her to steal of what? Like your cover...:-p
I just started writing about werewolves in a serious fashion on this.. interesting to read this kind of story and how they're portrayed!
Quite a few spelling errors... just saying. 
                                    But I'm liking it I think so far, keep going :-) 
wow love the strating already! And love the way u decrsibed and all and evrything connects yet still has a mystery behind it! LOLl LOVEd this cvhapiie and cant wait to reead more! <3333