Ways to get noticed by senpai

Ways to get noticed by senpai

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Have you always liked senpai?
But senpai never noticed you?

Well, here's many ways to get Senpai to notice you! 

•May mention/include :/ gore/ death/ cannibalism/ Yanderes/ disturbing themes/ etc.

•Send me ideas via comment section or private messenger! I'll give you a shoutout when I use your idea!

Edit: Thank you all for supporting this book! :3

(Ways to get noticed by Senpai II is out!)

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Well, that's simple for me, I just had to lock my classroom door and stab da bitches. I also killed some witnesses and I burned the bodies, got rid of the knife, got rid of my uniform, and BABLAM!
clowie0830 clowie0830 Aug 27, 2017
I will try again this time I will put a sleeping pills on water
bishnatics bishnatics Aug 17, 2017
Uh.....I tried that too but once....cause I killed my friend Daniella...
Senpai only likes Aaron though.. I THINK LEVI SENPAI IS GAY.
I tried it... He moved schools. 
                              Fank you very much...
                              JK I didn't try it yet! xD
AvonBlue AvonBlue May 01
Btw guys this will only work for senpais who have Stockholm Syndrome, so y'all need to investigate