Ways to get noticed by senpai

Ways to get noticed by senpai

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Have you always liked senpai?
But senpai never noticed you?

Well, here's many ways to get Senpai to notice you! 

•May mention/include :/ gore/ death/ cannibalism/ Yanderes/ disturbing themes/ etc.

•Send me ideas via comment section or private messenger! I'll give you a shoutout when I use your idea!

Edit: Thank you all for supporting this book! :3

(Ways to get noticed by Senpai II is out!)

ErenMyNigga ErenMyNigga Aug 12, 2016
I've tried 
                              And sadly
                              It doesn's work 
                              He's calling me crazy and he asked to bring him a lawyer
                              My, my, i really don't understand him 
                              It's pretty nice in basement...
NicoleJcLove NicoleJcLove Apr 05, 2016
Nah..I shoulf kidnap his familly and kill them slowly..until senpai have nothing left but staying with me..XD..hahahahahhaha
Dua7374 Dua7374 Apr 19, 2016
Oh i think i should try this next time instead of cutting his legs off so he dosent run away
cleanthefandom cleanthefandom Aug 04, 2016
*walks to basement and sits on a chair* *handcuffs self to chair* Done!
TheYaoiAddict145 TheYaoiAddict145 Jul 20, 2016
How do you know? Have YOU ever done it? OMG I'M A YANDERE TOO!
Yumi_Tsukino_Moon Yumi_Tsukino_Moon Dec 16, 2016
*Senpai has heart like eyes as she stares at me* You were so right!!❤️w❤️