Kidnapped By A Spy

Kidnapped By A Spy

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dark_angel1011 By dark_angel1011 Updated Jun 29, 2018

I stared at my captors. "Robin, do you consent to the task you have been set?" The person sitting in the middle asked, peering down at me with his piercing green eyes.

My words caught in my throat. All I had to say was one simple word. One word that would show them I was not a brainless girl from some hick-town that would easily fall for their crap. My parents were born spies as was I.

"Yes. I do." My heart beat sped up as I said those words. Am I really capable of killing someone?

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FaithEverstone FaithEverstone Sep 09, 2016
I literally completely forgot about three days grace... Oh how I miss my emo days 😢
Her_inked_pages Her_inked_pages Dec 18, 2013
This story is so interesting, I like the whole idea of it and your summary really grabs readers attention, this definitely deserves a vote :) Keep up the great work x
Beautyguru202 Beautyguru202 Jul 11, 2013
I like it, those lyrics gave the situation such a riveting vibe. Oh, how I love Three Days Grace ♥
Amara_Noels Amara_Noels Apr 18, 2013
Maybe you should add more detail, espeically if you wanted to make it longer than a page; I mean, you've got some mistakes here and there, but it's fine in my opinion. A good start!