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Anna By Dark_Vather Updated Apr 15, 2013

The Shooting:

"Mariah the order is done" the cook yelled. " I got it" i said. Max Evans was sitting in the 3rd booth from the door. My dad was out making arins in town. I was taking Max, and his friend Micheal some coffee. I said " Refill". He said " No thank you". Then Max stared at me as i walked away. Two men were sitting right across from Max and Micheal. they both starting argueing, then a gun went off and i fell. " Ahhh" i yelled. " Liz, Liz, Liz" Mariah was screaming. Then i saw Max come over. Micheal yelling " The keys, the keys Maxwell". He tossed them to Micheal. Then Max pulled my button open on my uniform. Then he puts his hand on my stomach. Then he whispered " Please dont tell". What did that mean. 


" Liz, sweetheart are you okay". My dad came in worridley. " I am fine dad, look its just ketchup on my uniform" i say desperatley for him to stop worrying. " Sherrif, sheriff" some tourist were yelling. " Yes" he said. " There is no bullet over here and the gun ...

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ezrafitzismyteacher ezrafitzismyteacher Jun 22, 2015
I love it the tv show is really good I watch it over and over
JoeRangelJr JoeRangelJr Jul 17, 2013
This is a t.v show up until the 3 rd season were yhe show is cut but they make 4 books following it .
Dark_Vather Dark_Vather Apr 17, 2013
Hey you guys Im the aurthor i will do a photo soon but type 1 23 if want more lolololol