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Jazmineee By beckhamchild Updated Dec 23, 2016

                  6 years ago.

I got up this morning and saw my mom crying.

"Hi Amber..."
She said wiping her face.

"Are you okay?"
"Yes I am....."
"Where's dad?"

She stopped talking and began to cry.

I ran to her and hugged her.

"He left Amber.....for another woman."
She cried.
I stopped and began to cry too.

"But why mom!?"
"He stopped loving me, it is always like that, but we are going to be okay.... I promise."
"Okay mom"

4 years later today.

"Let's go!! I need to be early"

My mom needed to be early because we where going to me the man she was dating for the past 2 years. I have never met him, nor anyone else.

I don't like him.

I am still waiting for my dad to come back, but that was 6 years ago when I was 11, I am now 17.

"You look amazing mom!"

My mom was wearing a dress a really nice one! I haven't seen her dress like this in a long time.

"You look beautiful too Amber, let's go"

I got in the car and was texting my...

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aantill6602 aantill6602 Aug 11, 2017
He stopped loving her today
                              They place a wreath apon his door 
                              And soon they'll carry him away
                              He stopped loving her today.
                              -George Jones
yoursantaclaus yoursantaclaus Oct 19, 2016
Hey! Could you please read my stories? It's also Cameron Dallas' fanfic by the way. Thank you💚
xcrazy_bellx xcrazy_bellx Feb 26, 2017
Does anyone ever look at pregnant teachers and think 'THEY HAD SEC?!??!😷😷😲😲😮😮'
whymendes whymendes Nov 20, 2016
I mean if you see cam at that moment you would care so much because damń he is killing us with his hotness
kj_tumblr kj_tumblr Jul 28, 2016
Am I the only one that understood this?? It really didn't seem hard to read... Oh well. I always have had high scores in reading and literature.